Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

As this draws to a close, I am thankful! Yes, mainly thankful it's over, but also thankful I was gently guided (forced) ;) into learning and exploring, "discovering" new things. I must say, I am proud of myself and feel like I have learned some things~many of which were long overdue and necessary, some of which were fun, and a few I don't care to experience again, but am happy to say I know a little about it.

I most enjoyed the blogging- not writing my own so much, but reading others by people who are much more creative than I am. I learned a lot of "personal" info that I thoroughly enjoyed and spent a few minutes even reading stranger's blogs from the "next blog" button. People fascinate me and what a cool way to observe they many wondeerful ways people express themselves.

If I had to do this again, I would prefer some discovery that involved other people working alongside me at least partially or at the beginning. I felt really scared at first and there was a huge learning curve that I had to overcome. Now that I have done this, I would be up for more discovery- maybe one chunk at a time rather than all at once.

Videos, Podcasts, and audiobooks

Well, this is a bit different, but it certainly caught my attention and the message is good- especially clever and funny if you are familair with the original song "baby got back". My you tube search began with library, reading, babies, and found this when my search had baby and book in it. I love it when other librarians send out stuff they find on YouTube or teacher tube, but I haven't done much of it on my own. Again, I would definitely use it for a purpose- to borrow videos that teach or provide wonderful book talks, or even just display learning in a fun light (like the Gotta Keep Reading one that was so cool). However, I would not spend any of my free time just looking for videos for fun (except on my husband's phone when we search Mickey Mouse episodes on YouTube and show them to Georgia when she's fussy in public:))

For my podcast experience, I listened to an intersting episode of Librarian Live called "Breaking Up with Dewey". I found it through the directory and it was simple. Not sure if it's the route I would go in learning or teaching on a regular basis, but as an additional resource it's nice to know where to go.

As far as the audio books go- I can't actually belive I'm going to own an MP3 player- I never have...exciting! I particpated in learning about how to download audio books, but did not do one on the computer, so I will have the actual experience later. It's also something I will share with my friend who has a grandson with severe reading problems and I think he would really benefit from the service. And, oh yeah, I also saw a link to a podcast by author Laurie Friedman and listened to it because I recently purchased several of her, that's another real world experience...(**hearing Kiera's voice "I told you so")

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photos and Images

To be really honest...Flickr is not going to be my thing; I have neither the time nor inclination to look at other peoples pictures unless I know them and they post them on facebook or send them directly to me. Even more than that- as a horrible photographer with a really bad camera, I have zero interest in posting pictures myself. It's simply a time issue and while browsing flickr could be really interesting when I have nothing else to do, that never happens (a time when I have nothing to do). So, for now I am satisfied with seeing some really awesome photography this one time and knowing it awaits me upon retirement ;)

I liked this photo because it's a really interesting perspective and the forfront icecream looks surreal against the peaceful background. Wish I was there eating this treat.

Online applications and tools

I do like Zoho and think it would be useful since at home I don't even have Microsoft Office on my computer and I occasionally need to create things for my husband's work. I also don't use a flash drive in my 'normal' life because I just don't really have much use for one and tend to lose things, but this would be a great substitute.

The web awards was fun to browse and I actually emailed one to a friend (from the fitness category), so that gets bonus points for real world use too. I'll bookmark it myself and maybe even add it to my delicious account :) nah....


So far, Wikis have been my favorite tool to understand and use. I thought the camping trip example on the tutorial was very easy to grasp and made it make sense. I liked adding to our favorite things wiki (actualyy reading them more than adding)and THEN...our summer reading list wiki- talk about REAL WORLD VALUE! Whoo hoo- something that is not an "extra" thing to do, but a way to make something we have to do anyway easier, more useful, and better.

I thought some of the examples of the ways other librarians and libraries are using them is cool too- but in a way they are just like regular web pages right??- the difference is many people get to be the "web master" and add or adjust content IF they have permission or the log-in required to do so. Just checking- sometimes I get confused :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Social Bookmarking

CRAPOLA! I just posted a insightful and witty entry and the dang thing didn't save....;)

Well, what I said was that I liked delicious and see how I could use it to have a list of favorites no matter what computer I'm using. My favorite part was choosing tags that were relevant/interesting to me and then looking at the most popular bookmarks for those tags. I like to see what other people like.

After looking at technorati and exploring the tags for their blog directory, I realize that elementary lessons in main idea DO pay off and get used in the "real" world...if all of this is the real world...????
PS I think they are called labels on this I right?

AS far as the perspetives on Web 2.o and Library 2.o, I learned some things that made me not as fearful of the technology and terminlogy, but I am still left thinking that much of what I read doesn't apply 100% to elementary school library users. Not that our kids don't deserve the latest technology or the best services that meet their needs, but we can't just try to apply technology for the sake of technology. I really liked the way Michael Stephens put it in "In a new world of librarianship": Without a firm foundation in the mission and goals of the institution, new technologies are not implemented for the sake of coolness and status. Technology is put to the test: Does it meet the users need in a new or improved way? Does it create a useful service for putting users together with the information and experience they seek? These are some of the questions this librarian asks when planning for technology. This librarian creates and nurtures a living, breathing technology plan.

So, I am all for making changes and keeping up with wonderful ways to use the web and the library, I just have to keep in mind that I don't have to teach 2nd graders to use nor do I have to use or be an expert on everything...just take a deep breathe and stay abreast of current trends in technology and innovative ways to reach and educate our students.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ALA | Home - American Library Association

ALA Home - American Library Association


Ok- I used the Pop art poster function at from the FD TOYS link.

It could be lots of fun to see what all you could create and it's free! This is something I could really see the kids having fun with and using in projects for school and for home too. They love to explore this kind of feature and if I weren't in such a hurry to get this done, I'd take more time too. I LOVE the creativity of other people's blogs- I wish I had time to explore blog design!

Library Thing is very cool too- I entered some obscure favorties from my childhood and then took note of others who had them in their lists as well. Pretty cool, again, something that I would like to explore further when I have more time. And, Rollyo is also pretty neat, I can see so many ways or reasons to create these search tools, but I don't really have enough favorite websites to use as a "bank"...maybe if I had more money to do online shopping, time and money to create research for travel plans, I could even do a group that had information, activities and advice for parenting toddlers.

RSS feeds and newsreaders

UGH! I really thought I got the RSS feeds- I understand why I would want them and how useful it would be to have the news/updates come to me (no really, I do), but for the life of me, now I can't figure out how to connect my bloglines account with this or simply post the links so you can see my rss feeds...I know I've seen blogs before with the subscribed feeds showing...arghhh:) sorry to be so boring...I'm off to look at your blogs and see what I can learn. Maybe this blog site does not offer that service??? EDITED TO ADD: I see where you can add gadgets, and feeds, but still don't get it...i feel stupid

I do think RSS and newsfeeds offer many personal and professional uses. I will start really paying attention to sites I am really interested in staying in touch with and adding them to my bloglines reader- or even my school email- there's a feature for that I'll have to explore. The ones I chose from the bloglines suggestions aren't that great....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm in and that's what counts

Alright...I have officially joined the blogging world. I can see where this might be fun, although I have very little interesting "information" to share with friends, colleagues, and certainly not the public. I am extremely busy at home and rarely get on the computer for networking. I do try to read a little each night before bed, so I am always looking for suggestions and would love to follow blogs that talk about what people are reading and book discussions. I can see where that would be useful both personally and professionally. I hope to learn all about how people are using the web through this experience. Maybe I'll be inspired to twitter or get an iphone????

Being a Mommy is about as exciting as it gets for me right now and it will probably get boring for others pretty quickly . But- here we go! I'm even adding a video of my little sweetie I took using a flip camera at home a few weeks ago. It's loading right now and taking a looong time (7 minutes at this point). Maybe not the best forum for videos? We'll see. I am already learning. Will click publish and see what happens...

Edited to add that it never would load my video so I'm going for a picture now.