Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm in and that's what counts

Alright...I have officially joined the blogging world. I can see where this might be fun, although I have very little interesting "information" to share with friends, colleagues, and certainly not the public. I am extremely busy at home and rarely get on the computer for networking. I do try to read a little each night before bed, so I am always looking for suggestions and would love to follow blogs that talk about what people are reading and book discussions. I can see where that would be useful both personally and professionally. I hope to learn all about how people are using the web through this experience. Maybe I'll be inspired to twitter or get an iphone????

Being a Mommy is about as exciting as it gets for me right now and it will probably get boring for others pretty quickly . But- here we go! I'm even adding a video of my little sweetie I took using a flip camera at home a few weeks ago. It's loading right now and taking a looong time (7 minutes at this point). Maybe not the best forum for videos? We'll see. I am already learning. Will click publish and see what happens...

Edited to add that it never would load my video so I'm going for a picture now.