Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RSS feeds and newsreaders

UGH! I really thought I got the RSS feeds- I understand why I would want them and how useful it would be to have the news/updates come to me (no really, I do), but for the life of me, now I can't figure out how to connect my bloglines account with this or simply post the links so you can see my rss feeds...I know I've seen blogs before with the subscribed feeds showing...arghhh:) sorry to be so boring...I'm off to look at your blogs and see what I can learn. Maybe this blog site does not offer that service??? EDITED TO ADD: I see where you can add gadgets, and feeds, but still don't get it...i feel stupid

I do think RSS and newsfeeds offer many personal and professional uses. I will start really paying attention to sites I am really interested in staying in touch with and adding them to my bloglines reader- or even my school email- there's a feature for that I'll have to explore. The ones I chose from the bloglines suggestions aren't that great....

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  1. Don't feel stupid...ask a colleague....Julie figured it out first and has been more than willing to help anyone who has asked!!